The ‘one-and-a-half-times rule’: who has not been confronted with it in the smoke control door industry in the Netherlands in the last few decades? And what’s more, the determination of the resistance to smoke based on the resistance to fire is still included in the 2020 version of the NEN 6075, which is the latest version of the Dutch standard for determining the resistance to smoke passage between spaces.

In addition, there is still the possibility to measure the physical leakage of construction components in accordance with the European test standard for doors EN 1634-3. As the basis for a new version of this standard (the current one dates back to 2004) a committee of European testing laboratories including Efectis has drawn up a recommendation. This has been released by EGOLF, the European Group of Organizations for Fire Testing, as a ‘position paper’, which is similar to a preliminary standard. This document includes, among other things, physical adjustments to the test rig in order to obtain more reliable measurement results. In addition, the requirements of the test equipment have become stricter.

In anticipation of a new version of this EN standard, the fire laboratory of Efectis in the Netherlands (Bleiswijk) has had its test equipment and software upgraded to meet the stricter requirements. After a period of thorough adjustment and pretesting, several doors were successfully tested for smoke resistance in our lab in September 2020.

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