I hope this newsletter finds you well and in good health. Despite all the restrictions deriving from COVID-19, Efectis Nederland B.V. started 2021 with the acquisition of KRID ingenieurs brandveiligheid bv. After excellent collaboration in recent years, the most logical step was to formally merge KRID into the Efectis organisation. KRID and Efectis both have a strong track record in fire safety, which might make them competitors.

However, things turned out differently in practice. Each entity had its own specialisms and focal points, which did not conflict. Furthermore, certain services that were offered separately in the past required additional expertise or capacity from the other party. Different types of customers were served but also at different stages of technical topics. Some desktop evaluations require supporting evidence or validation by testing; conversely, test results may have to be validated for their intended use in practical situations. Therefore, the performed activities are connected and are now made available more easily to our customers.

The former office of KRID in Dordrecht is now officially the second office of Efectis Nederland B.V. The laboratory activities remain in Bleiswijk. This approach has proved to be successful. Employees of both entities have gradually gotten to know each other better, and processes have become more aligned. The formal integration has optimised communication and internal administrative processes as well. We will continue this process in our constant pursuit of excellence and in order to increase the scope of the services we offer.

One specific new expertise gained by the acquisition is in acoustics. This is a clear demonstration that we aim to be involved not only in the direct field of fire safety but also in associated fields.

Our objective is to continue and extend our services at a high level, as this is for the benefit of all parties concerned: customers first, but without compromising our impartiality or credibility. After all, the quality of our work is judged by the customer in the end. From our side we are confident that the path we have chosen is the right one for a prosperous future.

Harm Verster – harm.verster@efectis.com