The borders in Europe are opening more and more every day. The constraints to travel are disappearing and proof of vaccination makes procedures simpler.

Most European countries have achieved vaccination rates exceeding 50% of the population. We are rediscovering the pleasure of meeting our colleagues, meeting our clients, and discussing subjects openly with the authorities (ministries, accreditation bodies, regulatory working groups, etc.).

Certainly, practices have evolved, working from home is common practice even if it is necessary to supervise this, and many trips that used to be made before the health crisis will no longer be necessary. Factory production control audits as part of certification will continue to be carried out via videoconferencing, the tools having evolved as well, and experience has shown us its effectiveness. The standardization working groups have been able to move forward by using teleconferencing in an efficient manner; they do not need to set up travel hours.

In addition, the latest IPCC report is extremely alarming, recommending an acceleration in the use of new construction practices: bio-based materials, their combination with traditional systems, reinforcement of insulation, and re-use of materials and products. All its subjects, especially where they are associated with the problem of facades, shake up the fire safety of building and infrastructure.

Efectis has constantly been active throughout this period, continuing to answer the questions of our customers, partners and authorities, and investing to be able to address all these news topics.

Take care of yourselves.

Daniel Joyeux
President Efectis Holding