The new PFPNet Technical Subcommittee for fire protection in tunnels recently held its first formal online meeting since the initial meeting in January, to assess the interest and scope for such a Technical Subcommittee within the PFPNet organisation.

The initial meeting demonstrated that there was strong interest for such a group and a number of areas available that the subcommittee could work on. The second meeting was held to clearly define what priority tasks should be undertaken and to elect a Chair who would take responsibility for the activities of the group. To that position Micha de Jong of Efectis was elected.

The tunnels subcommittee felt that the benefits and correct use of passive fire protection systems is a key area which needs to be addressed, initially by developing a ‘White Paper’ promoting the benefits of passive fire protection and dispelling incorrect information. A number of subcommittee members volunteered to assist with the preparation of the document, which will probably be followed by a more detailed technical argument.

In addition, the subcommittee looked at other key specific work areas, which included:

Contact: Micha de Jong [micha.dejong@efectis.com]