Our clients’ satisfaction is Efectis’ first priority. Thus, in order to maintain a high level of our services, Efectis France started in 2016 the Phenix project with the objective to modernize his Maizières-lès-Metz laboratory,  with a major renewal of his testing equipment, the extension of his laboratory in Les Avenières and the strengthening of his staff.

Several investments are going on. The extension of the laboratory is already completed, and a new smoke proof equipment with unique pressure properties is now available, enabling thus Efectis to extend his testing scope and the technical capacities of his facilities.  The customers’ reception has been as well improved with new changing rooms.

The Phenix project means as well an organizational evolution, in particular with a change in the leadership and an evolution of the testing production process for the Maizières-lès-metz Laboratory. The major increase of the number of tests during the last few years and of the current congestion in Maizières-lès-Metz appealed to a new organization of our facilities, of the surfaces dedicated to the assembly and of the production flow of our reports.

Olivier SADOSCHENKO joined Efectis France in November 2017 to take the commercial and operational leadership of the site’s activities with the objective to guarantee a better quality of our services from the technical and relational points of view.

Olivier SADOSCHENKO (olivier.sadoschenko@efectis.com) graduated from the EDHEC and the ENIM, and will bring to Efectis his technical expertise, and his experience of the customer relationship acquired in different environments.

Contact: Eric Guillaume – [eric.guillaume@efectis.com]