Acquisition of KRID ingenieurs | brandveiligheid BV by Efectis Nederland BV.

With effect from January 2021, Krid has become part of Efectis Nederland.

With more than 65 years of experience, Efectis is a major player in fire sciences and brings together all the skills in fire safety for testing, engineering and digital modeling of fire, certification and inspections (audits), training and expertise. On a small or large scale, from the material to the structure, including the construction product, Efectis is able to assess and qualify fire performance (fire resistance, reaction to fire, extinguishing systems, equipment. .) of your products, systems or your project in its entirety, and this for any field of activity (Establishments Receiving the Public, High-rise Buildings, housing, nuclear, transport, infrastructure, tunnels, industrial and storage processes, offices …)

The world is experiencing an increasing demand for fire safety
The fire safety of buildings is essential for their owners and users with the aim to keep the risk and consequences of fire to a minimum. It is vitally important to use materials and take measures to ensure that in the event of a fire, as little damage as possible is caused. A fire safe building does not come about on its own, however. To achieve that and to limit the damage to people and equipment, it is essential to set clear requirements during the design phase, during construction and after completion.

Krid ingenieurs | brandveiligheid is a specialist in fire safety and structural engineering. Its clients include national and international companies with large complex building projects but it also takes on ‘smaller’ assignments. Fire safety, installation engineering, building physics, acoustics, legislation and regulations and BIM are just some of the specialisms of the Krid engineers

Consequently, this merger of teams is reinforcing the capabilities of the Efectis, and dovetails with the desire to create a fire safe world, to pool and expand knowledge and to share their know-how. Increasingly, the market is demanding reliable advice.

Efectis is remaining your main independent third party to test and assess the fire performance of your product, system or construction. This acquisition will reinforce our capabilities and reactivity.