The CEA should justify to the ASN (Nuclear safety authorities) the fire resistance of the compartmenting elements “500T press”.  The searched performances are being: firewall and flame arrestor. The walls have 5 circular hatches that allow the barrel passing, and they should equally permit the confining.

The aim of this study is to determine the fire resistance performances of the existing hatches (mainly composed with steel and lead) and to define the adaptation to satisfy the requirements.
According to the constitution of the elements and in order to limit the adaptation to realize on the hatches, the study was led by considering different real fire scenarios to obtain inferior solicitation of a conventional fire. Associated to thermal transfer studies, and to localized and adaptated reinforcements (adding of intumescent fire seals, punctual protections …), the study permit to avoid the settle of the concerned hatch.

The CADARACHE center got around twenty nuclear installations in exploitation, or being modified. Among those, the nuclear installation 37 has to condition the solid wastes from the CEA installations with their waste treatment station.

Those radioactive wastes are controlled physically and radiologically, and after are oriented according to their radioactivity:

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