For the « PPRT » (Prevention plan for technological risks) of the oil depot of Dunkerque, Total and EDF lead together an evaluation of the extern risks of infrastructures of the nuclear power plant of Gravelines in case of an accidental scenario near the oil depot of the Flandres.
For the development of tools and methods of « PPRT », Efectis France elaborates technical manuals for the characterization of the building’s vulnerability against thermal effects and actively participates to the elaboration of over pressurization guides. In those conditions, EDF missioned Efectis to help them in the realization on the vulnerability study for the nuclear power plant of Gravelines against thermal effects and the over pressurization of boil-over phenomena, nap fire and tank burst on the Flandres Oil Depot.


This study took two analyses phases :

The methodology used had the following analysis phases :

The analysis leaded permit to bring to light the risks generated for the buildings and nuclear power plants infrastructures, in case of occurrence of a dangerous phenomenon. The vulnerability analyze of every building was synthetized under records.