On 8 June 2013, a fire started in the Kloek pallet factory in Kampen (the Netherlands). Due to heat radiation from the large fire, the roof of Asia Express Food on the other side of the road caught fire. Although the fire did not spread across the roof of the Asia Express Food building, Efectis was asked by Kingspan Insulation to analyse the fire spread between the pallet stack and the building to determine the fire impact on the Kingspan insulation boards, with which the roof was insulated.

Efectis estimated flame height and calculated radiation flux and roof surface temperatures. Flames were up to 51 metres long and 45 metres high. The fire development on the roof stopped without fire department intervention. This means that the combination of the Kingspan insulation Thermaroof TR26 FM / LPC insulation board and the Rhenefol  CV 1.2 mm roof covering did not support further fire development. As soon as the heat flux from the pallet fire diminished, the fire on the roof died out.