Efectis as fire and explosion safety expert is transversally active to all type of sectors and not only buildings. In that respect, a newsletter has been dedicated to one of those sectors: transportation.

The current modification of mobility mode is generating new risks in transportation, and not only in Urban Mobility: Hydrogen and batteries are obvious.

The recent publication of the EU -Directive 2022/2557 concerning the resilience of critical entities emphasizes the importance of infrastructure. Critical entities concern many sectors like energy or water, but also commonly transportation. Notably Rail and Road European networks shall be secured and resilient. 

The EU directive aims to harmonize practices on important infrastructures which may have impact on move of EU citizens, EU economy, and safety of EU citizens. Three dates are defined for Member states actions:

Efectis (Daniel Joyeux and Ilker Ibik) ) were invited by INZA (Risk Management Institute) to discuss the implementation of EU Directive 2022/2557 in the Balkan countries at a workshop held in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) on September 19. The discussion focused on which product performance assessment process, design, installation and integrated system should be implemented and on how to implement resilience objectives, in particular by minimizing the impact of a fire on tunnels, to reduce operating loss and repair time.

Thanks and congratulatiuons to INZA.

Daniel Joyeux
President Efectis Holding