Saudi Arabia has laid out targets for diversification and improving competitiveness in its Vision 2030.

The long-term goals are built around main themes, which set out specific objectives that are to be achieved by the year 2030. For example, construction of infrastructures, new buildings and heritage sites like Al-Ula are planned. Additionally, the latest building codes have been published.

In the summer of 2020, the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organisation (SASO) recognized Efectis as a certification and laboratory body for Saudi Arabia in order to qualify the construction products according to the fire safety requirements. This additional recognition of Efectis was a result of the collaboration with the Saudi company Tuwaiq, extending the international recognition of Efectis’ expertise and competencies in fire science, its independence and its extensive fire testing equipment located in France, Netherlands, Türkiye and the UK.

For more information contact: Daniel Joyeux – daniel.joyeux@efectis.com