2017 has seen a revival of the construction market in Europe. In that respect Efectis has assisted and guided its customers in the assessment of new products or in the evaluation of construction sites.

After three years of investment, Efectis has been closely involved in the CE marking of cables, which has been compulsory since July 2017, by providing guidance to manufacturers in relation to this difficult transition. Progress has also been made in the past year in terms of the recognition of the assistance that Efectis gives its customers on the international export market.

The Grenfell Tower fire in London was one of the most devastating in many years and has raised questions about building facades in many countries where a similar construction system is used, as well as about the process of enforcement and of assessment of fire risks. Efectis, as a third party that has performed a large number of facade tests in recent years, can verify the performance of the facade so as to prevent such disasters in the future. Specifically for the UK market, in 2017 Efectis launched a joint venture with the University of Ulster for the operation of the fire laboratory. Efectis will be fully operational in 2018 once UKAS accreditation has been granted.

I wish all of you a merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2018, and Efectis will continue to take an active part in increasing the level of fire safety.


President – Efectis Holding