Efectis continues to hold webinars on fire safety topics, keeping its audiences up to date. Accordingly, two webinars were held successfully in recent months.

The first webinar on Risk Analysis for Existing Buildings was given on 19 April by Fire Safety Engineer Göktuğ Kızılboğa and Fire Safety Engineer Deniz Özdamar. The Efectis experts explained that in all building types – especially in high-risk structures such as industrial facilities – the compliance control of existing projects and field applications within the scope of architectural, electrical and mechanical disciplines is essential for ensuring and protecting building fire safety. As a result, it is critical that the criteria evaluated in these controls are defined correctly and completely, and that the determinations obtained from the risk analysis are evaluated by professionals.

The second webinar was held on Tuesday, May 24 on the topic of “Fire-Resistant Doors” testing and was led by Product Certification Manager Fatih Demiral and Laboratory Manager Ali Bayraktar. They clarified that fire-resistant doors have to be tested and certified before they may be sold in the European, British and Middle East markets. Efectis, with its 70 years of experience, and as an EU notified body, a UK approved body, and a certification body recognized by the respective civil defences of UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and KSA, delivers the required certificates to allow the product to enter these markets. Dedicated webinars can be developed on specific construction product sector requests.

For questions please contact: ridvan.yagmur@efectis.com