At the 21st Structural Steel Day held on 11 November 2020, Mr. Ilker IBIK, CEO of Efectis Era Avrasya, a member of TUCSA (Turkish Structural Steel Association), addressed the sector stakeholders with his webinar presentation entitled “Earthquake and Fire Risk”.

In his presentation, Mr. Ibik explained the performance of active and passive fire safety systems in earthquake and post-earthquake fire conditions of non-structural building systems, while illustrating the extent of damage to non-structural components and systems, compartment barriers, façade systems, emergency and fire protection systems, and how such damage could impact occupant life safety and emergency response during fires in earthquake-damaged buildings.

He subsequently demonstrated the importance of developing risk assessment and mitigation strategies to address the fire challenges in earthquake-affected buildings.

Contact: Ilker Ibik – ilker.ibik@efectis.com