Millions of workers across the world have converted to the world of remote working for the first time ever, and workplaces will never be the same.

With increasing restrictions on travel and workplace gatherings, it is becoming more difficult to witness testing in a live environment and it is therefore a challenge for companies to keep their projects on schedule in this era of uncertainty.

The good news is that Efectis offers the ability to witness your fire tests remotely, live, anywhere and on any device!

We aim to offer customers the same level of support as if they were on site, in order for them to meet their business continuity needs despite the lockdown, while saving time by making it unnecessary to travel. Customers can witness all stages of the testing process, from the preparation of the sample and its installation into the restraint frame, to watching the test live while staying in contact with the test leader.

At Efectis we are aware that we have been moving toward a virtual workforce anyway. Remote work is here to stay; it will be more of a permanent change than a temporary one.

For further information contact Ülker Verenel – ulker.verenel@efectis.com