In the context of building and infrastructure protection against wildfires, Efectis Research & Innovation (R&I) has performed a series of full-scale calorimeter tests on burning conifer. This experimental data was requested for calibration and validation of advanced propagation models of vegetation fire at a tree scale; these are then used to calibrate other models at a larger wildland-urban interface (WUI) scale.

This work completes the participation of Efectis in different national and EU collaborative research projects, including WUITIPS – towards creation of a harmonised methodology at EU level for prevention and protection of people and goods in touristic infrastructures facing wildfires. WUITIPS is a 2023-2025 project led by Barcelona Tech, with the participation of Girona Provincial Council, ‘Entente Pour la Forêt Méditerranéenne’ and Lund University. It also completes collaborative work with INRAE and Aix-Marseille University on characterizing the ignitability and combustion of vegetation.

This innovative  work is used directly in our fire safety engineering (FSE) studies where sites are under risk from outdoor fires or vegetation fires (buildings in potential context of French Forest fires prevention plan (PPRIF) regulation, cable cars, PV farms).

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