Efectis performed a test on a five-meter high curved partition. This partition consisted of 4.5 meter glass panes with vertical butt joints.

It was the first time Efectis performed a test on a specimen with such a large pane of glass. In order to achieve the required heat development for the test, the size of the furnace compartment was increased beyond the size normally used. The team was eager to see if the furnace would perform as it was anticipated and calculated. The test was also very interesting for our client, Wall Solutions, the company supplying glass partitions for the Maison de la Paix project in Geneva. The Swiss Public Fire insurance association VKF-AEAI required the partitions to be tested by an internationally recognized test laboratory. The test went very well and the partition had a measured fire resistance of 60 minutes.

At the Graduate Institute, Maison de la Paix, there are glass partitions with different levels of fire resistance. These walls, which have the same height, will also be tested.