Efectis is recognized as a fire laboratory and as a certification body for United Arabian Emirates and for Qatar. The control on project is recently reinforced by the Civil Defense.

We recommend to the manufacturers that are nowadays selling for projects to ensure the quality of the certification of their products. The justification by a simple test report, even if performed by a 17025 laboratory is not accepted on the construction site.

The products shall be qualified according to the equivalent system 1 of CE marking, with the following steps:
– Sampling of the products by third party
– Testing the products by a recognized fire laboratory accredited for the specific test method
– Production control audit of the manufacture
– Certification by a recognized certification body accredited for this specific market according to 17065 referential.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for analysing your situation, and your legibility for UAE certificate before a tender, and the planning to obtain it.

Contact : Yannick Letallec [Yannick.letallec@efectis.com]