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17.10.2017 Formalising of partnership with Casavigilance In connection with the development of its activities in Africa and, more specifically, in Maghreb, Efectis signed a partnership agreement with the company Casavigilance at the end of... Read more
30.6.2017 French decree on warehouses and their fire safety: example of performance-based code The French decree on the conditions applicable to the use of warehouses has been revised. The decree of 11 April 2017 has been ratified and published. It applies... Read more
29.6.2017 Possible risk involving inclined glazed facades New fire-resistant glazing panels for façades have been introduced in recent years. In fact, manufacturers have started to move away from traditional single and double glazing systems to... Read more
27.6.2017 Testing the extinguishing qualities of Fluor Free Foam in accordance with Annex H of EN 1568-3:2008 In May, Efectis successfully tested the extinguishing qualities of FFF (Fluor Free Foam) according to Annex H of EN 1568-3:2008. The fire tests were carried out indoors at... Read more
27.6.2017 Europe and South Africa are getting closer In the framework of its development in South Africa, Efectis had, for the first time, the opportunity to attend and support the Insurer Fire Impact Reduction Strategy (InFIReS)... Read more
26.6.2017 Fire behaviour of insulation in building Article AM8 of the fire safety regulations applied to Building Receiving Public deals with insulation inside buildings. It authorises an evaluation of the fire risk of combustible thermal... Read more
24.3.2017 New loading frame for testing of concrete slabs and TBM tunnel segments Efectis, the worldwide leader in fire resistance testing of concrete tunnel structures and fire-resistant linings, has purchased a new loading frame for the testing of concrete slabs and... Read more
24.3.2017 Creative solutions for complex issues When a building structure is too complex for the fire scenario to be determined according to existing norms or when the structural members (beams/columns) do not fall into... Read more
24.3.2017 Partnership with BHRC in Iran Efectis recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Road, Housing & Urban Development Research Center to increase the fire safety levels of buildings and infrastructure in Iran.... Read more
13.12.2016 Fire tests in a limestone gallery in Lugasson (33) Within the framework of the collaborative research project CarMoThaP (characterising and modelling thermal alterations and combustion residues on cave walls) with the University of Bordeaux and the Scientific... Read more
13.12.2016 Efectis develops new fire tests procedures for concrete fire behaviour In the oil, gas, chemical and petrochemical industries, concrete structures generally comply with regulations. However, they are not evaluated or tested, at least with respect to concrete structures... Read more
13.12.2016 On-site fire tests in old buildings in Bayonne (64) The city of Bayonne (France) is currently in the process of restoring dilapidated buildings in the old city centre. One of the main objectives is to improve the... Read more