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22.11.2022 Pool fire tests at Efectis – petrol and diesel tanks for small craft In 2018, Efectis purchased new testing equipment that enables full-scale hydrocarbon pool fire tests to be performed with all the required safety and confidentiality conditions. The equipment is... Read more
22.11.2022 A physical model to predict the failure time of a hydrogen tank in a fire In hydrogen vehicles, the hydrogen is stored in composite on-board tanks at a nominal working pressure of 35 MPa (buses) to 70 MPa (cars). When exposed to a... Read more
22.11.2022 Fire safe christmas Testing and assessing Christmas trees and Christmas decorations according to the Dutch technical agreement (NTA 8007) combined with an assessment according to Section 7.4 of the Dutch Building... Read more
22.11.2022 Efectis training given to safety & civil defence experts Efectis team conducted training for occupational safety experts and civil defence experts working at the Turkish Ministry of Education within the scope of the Regulation on the Protection... Read more
21.11.2022 UKCA rules The UKCA marking is the product marking used for products being placed on the market in Great Britain (England, Scotland, and Wales). The UKCA marking applies to most... Read more
21.11.2022 Fire tests with active fire protection systems in a full-scale timber mock-up In application of the principles of the Paris Police Headquarters concerning the fire safety rules to be followed for the construction of buildings with bio-based materials, Efectis was... Read more
21.11.2022 ISO 13785-1 intermediate scale façade test Within the next few years, demand for new construction products and building elements is expected to increase, amongst other things due to the growing need to cut heating... Read more
21.11.2022 New equipment for reaction to fire testing according to EN ISO 1182 The European fire classification system according to EN 13501-1 provides for a series of test methods to achieve a fire classification of A1 to F. For each fire... Read more
21.11.2022 Efectis took part in Istanbul Technical University Workshop On 14 June 2022, Efectis Era Avrasya Chairman İlker İbik and Efectis Era Avrasya Fire Safety Engineer Burak Ballı took part in a symposium held at the Istanbul... Read more
21.11.2022 Efectis at home Efectis France has recently extended its scope of ISO EN 17025 accreditation to carry out official fire resistance tests in a furnace owned by the manufacturer. So if... Read more
21.11.2022 Events Efectis in project Qatar Efectis participated in the Project Qatar Exhibition in Doha, Qatar from 6 June to 9 June 2022. In the course of four days, we... Read more
21.11.2022 Efectis winner of Business Award French Chamber of Commerce Efectis won the 2022 Business Award in the Technology category that is awarded annually by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry France Netherlands. Organised every year since 2012,... Read more