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21.11.2022 Efectis winner of Business Award French Chamber of Commerce Efectis won the 2022 Business Award in the Technology category that is awarded annually by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry France Netherlands. Organised every year since 2012,... Read more
20.10.2022 Efectis is recruiting! At Efectis Group we are always looking for motivated people. We are interested to hear from potential candidates who have relevant qualifications and/or have previous experience working within... Read more
11.10.2022 Fire behaviour of modular construction With our advanced capabilities in fire safety, combining modern testing facilities and a deep knowledge of fire safety engineering, we have developed new approaches to assess the fire behaviour of modular construction and ensure it provides an appropriate level of fire safety. This includes complex 3D modelling study to learn how the structure of the modular construction would behave when exposed to a fire. Read more
21.9.2022 Extension accreditation scope - IMO FTP code 2010, Annex 1, part 3 For more than 25 years Efectis Nederland has been appointed by the Dutch Government for assessing the fire resistance, according to the IMO FTP code 2010 – Annex... Read more
20.7.2022 Efectis is now testing for railways and marine sector Efectis has a longstanding reputation for fire tests in industry and in buildings. In the light of our group strategy and our testing capabilities we decided to develop... Read more
20.7.2022 Efectis extends business connections Efectis is expanding its range of partnerships to provide more services to its clients. Efectis has now become a partner of IZODER and FIRE MARSHALLS. As from 1st... Read more
20.7.2022 Efectis seminars on fire risks & safety of industrial facilities The Efectis team has recently held successful seminars in partnership with the organized industrial zones of two Turkish cities. In cooperation with the Gaziantep Chamber of Industry, an... Read more
20.7.2022 Fire tests for transformers Because of the emergence of alternative energy sources such as wind energy, a lot of new technology has come on to the market in recent years. Transformers, for... Read more
20.7.2022 Façade exhibition 2022 Efectis was one of the exhibitors at the 2022 façade exhibition in Utrecht, the Netherlands from 31st May to 2nd June. We were present there for the full... Read more
20.7.2022 Quantitative Risk Assessment methodology of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in tunnels Many countries throughout the world are deploying hydrogen fuel cell vehicles (HFCV), including cars, buses, trucks, trains, marine vessels and aeroplanes. A fire incident such as a flammable... Read more
20.7.2022 The series of Efectis webinars continues Efectis continues to hold webinars on fire safety topics, keeping its audiences up to date. Accordingly, two webinars were held successfully in recent months. The first webinar on... Read more
20.7.2022 Smoke gas analysis with Efectis Efectis has developed expertise in smoke gas analysis using FTIR in accordance with ISO 19702. This equipment and associated method allows us to analyse, based on a few... Read more