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23.12.2021 CE marking of fire-resistant and smokeproof doors within the scope of EN 16034 Kocaeli, Turkey – 9 August 2021 – Efectis Era Avrasya, part of Efectis Group, hosted a free one-hour webinar entitled “The CE marking of fire-resistant and smokeproof doors within the... Read more
23.12.2021 New agreement for fire services Efectis France, which has been the official French fire laboratory for 50 years, has obtained a new agreement (number 15042132) from the French Ministry of Interior to carry... Read more
23.12.2021 Efectis hydrogen and fire safety research Efectis is active in hydrogen safety research and our staff have contributed to several hydrogen safety projects in the UK and Europe. Efectis is carrying out studies related... Read more
23.12.2021 Fire and Earthquake Symposium İlker İbik, Chairman of the Board of Directors of EEA, participated in the “Fire and Earthquake Symposium with International Participation” on “Design of High Buildings in the Framework... Read more
11.11.2021 Fire Protective Products - FPPs Whether used with steel, concrete, wood or composite materials, from main and secondary load bearing steel profiles to concrete load-bearing walls, tunnel segments and floors, curtain wall/floor junction... Read more
10.11.2021 LONDON BUILD EXPO 2021 Visit us at the london build expo, 17 & 18 november 2021 in the olympia London and secure your free entry ticket! Come and visit us on our... Read more
21.10.2021 Global Plan for a Decade of Action for Fire Safety The Global Plan for a decade of Fire Safety Actions has been published recently by International Fire Safety Standards Coalition (New world-wide fire safety initiative launched – International... Read more
30.9.2021 FeuerTrutz Trade Fair 2021 Visit us at the feuertrutz Trade fair, 18 & 19 october in nuremberg and secure your free entry ticket! Come and visit us on our booth at Europe’s... Read more
13.9.2021 Fire resistance tests for ‘open state’ cavity barriers at Efectis UK/Ireland Efectis UK/Ireland has recently been carrying out a number of fire resistance tests for ‘open state’ cavity barriers used in the external envelopes or fabric of buildings. The... Read more
25.8.2021 Construction Products Regulation The Government has just announced plans to introduce legislation that will enable CE marked goods to continue being placed on the Great British market until 1 January 2023.... Read more
20.8.2021 News from the board The borders in Europe are opening more and more every day. The constraints to travel are disappearing and proof of vaccination makes procedures simpler. Most European countries have... Read more
20.8.2021 Façade fires in the Netherlands The façade is one of the most vulnerable elements of a building, especially in the case of a fire incident. With more attention being paid nowadays to aesthetics, cost... Read more