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12.4.2022 Anniversary Efectis The current standardization and legislative ruling is under modification in Europe and in many countries, as examples UK and France are improving their regulation framework including best practices... Read more
11.4.2022 Investigation of fire spread where laminated glass is present Efectis UK/IRELAND was contracted to undertake a series of tests on laminated glass samples. This series of tests was conducted to gain knowledge of the potential for laminated... Read more
11.4.2022 What we can learn from fires on industrial flat roofs with solar panels Solar panels are being installed on more and more industrial flat roofs. Fortunately, these buildings rarely catch fire, but what are the real facts behind the fires that... Read more
11.4.2022 Efectis performs FRAEW based on the new code of practice for existing building façades in the UK New guidelines recently published by BSI, entitled ‘PAS 9980:2022, a methodology for the fire risk appraisal of external wall construction and cladding of existing multistorey and multi occupied... Read more
11.4.2022 UKCA webinar Efectis UK/Ireland and Efectis Era Avrasya recently held a joint webinar explaining the purpose of and need for UKCA marking in Great Britain. The webinar covered the requirements... Read more
11.4.2022 Fire Information Exchange Platform (FIEP) The Fire Exchange Platform (FIEP) was created by the European Commission DG Grow with support from Estonian Council Presidency in 2017. The Fire Exchange Platform (FIEP)’s objectives are to... Read more
11.4.2022 Efectis visited the BUDMA exhibition Between 1st and 4th February the 30th international exhibition in the construction industry – the BUDMA exhibition was held in Poland, in the city of Poznan. BUDMA exists... Read more
23.12.2021 CFD application in High Rise Building Efectis UK/Ireland was contracted to undertake a study for a high-rise building located in central London. The building consists of two blocks that are interconnected via a protected... Read more
23.12.2021 Electric powered vehicles Electric vehicles (EVs) have become an integral part of our streetscape. They also need to be parked and charged, which is sometimes done in indoor car parks. The... Read more
23.12.2021 UKCA & UK(NI) certification Efectis UK/Ireland are delighted to announce the completion of our certification accreditation to ISO 17065 from UKAS. This gives Efectis UK/Ireland the ability to provide as Approved Body,... Read more
23.12.2021 Façade testing according to intermediate scale test ISO 13785-1 The fire behaviour of materials is one of the most important properties that must be determined before these materials can be used in the built environment. The Building... Read more
23.12.2021 Partnership between Efectis Era Avrasya and Afsa Consulting International A cooperation agreement has been signed between Efectis Era Avrasya and Afsa Consulting International to combine their experiences in the field of fire safety and to use their... Read more