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18.1.2021 News from the board At the beginning of this new year, I want to take this opportunity to wish you a healthy and happy 2021. There is no doubt that 2020 was... Read more
4.1.2021 Efectis approvals in Middle East Secure Market Access to UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, and Jordan  Efectis is authorized to issue the mandatory Certificates of Compliance (CoCs) for the above Middle East regions... Read more
24.12.2020 Fire Safety Engineering Services: CFD - Computational Fluid Dynamics One of the most crucial factors of fire safety is to predict the smoke density and emission including heat transfer at the stage of design. During fire, heat and... Read more
16.10.2020 News from the board European borders are increasingly subject to restrictions and containment measures, and other temporary expedients are being tightened daily. It is becoming more and more difficult to hold meetings... Read more
13.10.2020 Project to boost Pan-European fire safety efforts We are pleased to announce the inauguration of a European project to map the existing fire data collected across Member States and to propose meaningful data sets to... Read more
13.10.2020 UKCA - new certification mark From the 1st January 2021 a new Certification Mark will be introduced to England Scotland and Wales, the new “UKCA” mark (UK Conformity Assessment). With the UKs transition... Read more
12.10.2020 Saudi Arabia recognition Saudi Arabia has laid out targets for diversification and improving competitiveness in its Vision 2030. The long-term goals are built around main themes, which set out specific objectives... Read more
12.10.2020 Investigating the cause of a fire After a fire, building and business owners are confronted with experts who assess the damage and an insurance company that needs to investigate the cause of the fire,... Read more
12.10.2020 Pool fire tests at Efectis In 2018, Efectis purchased new testing equipment that enables full-scale hydrocarbon pool fire tests to be performed with all the required safety and confidentiality conditions. The equipment is... Read more
12.10.2020 High-quality risk assessment studies Materials, manufactured goods and construction systems are continuously improving and resulting in new technologies, discoveries and market trends. The demand for more housing to meet the global expectations... Read more
12.10.2020 Efectis supports SUM SUM (Symbiotic Urban Movement) aims to achieve a mutual and beneficial relationship between the user, the community and the environment: a symbiosis. To accelerate this vision, the team... Read more
12.10.2020 New facility for fire tests on loaded walls Efectis France laboratories have recently bought a new loading frame for its fire resistance activity. This new device enables fire tests to be performed on loaded walls up... Read more