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22.7.2020 News from the board In the current health crisis, the safety and protection of our employees, customers and providers remain our main priority. In compliance with the government recommendations and in accordance... Read more
16.7.2020 Efectis expands facade testing in UK Following the Grenfell tragedy and the UK government’s commitment to enhance the safety in buildings, BSI has updated the façade fire test and released a new version on... Read more
16.7.2020 Provisional Dutch facade testing and building components assessments The Grenfell Tower fire in 2017 was a wakeup call for everyone involved in fire safety and much more attention is now being paid to fire safety. It... Read more
16.7.2020 Efectis third party review on fire safety at Manchester airport Efectis, with more than 70 years of experience as an independent third-party assessor in the fire performance of products, systems or constructions, is now working with the Manchester... Read more
16.7.2020 Furniture fire safety regulations in Europe Efectis has produced a new scientific article to separate truth from falsehood with respect to the fire safety of our living room sofas. The regulations for upholstered furniture... Read more
15.7.2020 Cladding inspection The risk of fire spread in high-rise buildings (> 18 m) is a major concern. This has become even more pertinent since the Grenfell tragedy, which has proved... Read more
15.7.2020 MobiFire - mobile furnace test conducted in Leiden (NL) Tunnels are an essential part of the road and rail infra structure. Tunnels make it possible to connect goods and services and make economic regions grow. For this... Read more
15.7.2020 Analysis of window failure at Grenfell Tower Efectis published a new article as a further step towards understanding the Grenfell fire disaster. The fire behaviour of windows installed in a building facade has an important... Read more
15.7.2020 PFPNet Technical subcommittee for fire protection in tunnels The new PFPNet Technical Subcommittee for fire protection in tunnels recently held its first formal online meeting since the initial meeting in January, to assess the interest and... Read more
2.3.2020 Wildland Urban Interface: vulnerability diagnostics on buildings Efectis is offering an innovative approach to assess building vulnerability when facing forest, grassland or agricultural fires: it has been developed and applied in different fire-prone regions in... Read more
2.3.2020 Fire Resistance tests of Otis Elevator’s Landing Doors A further fire resistance test has been successfully carried out for our valued customer Otis Elevator Company (Russia) in our furnace according to the EN 81-58 standard (Safety rules for... Read more
1.3.2020 Ignition-limiting oxygen threshold testing Hypoxic fire prevention systems provide a mean of inhibiting the development of flaming fires and thus preventing fires from causing significant damage. They differ from fire-extinguishing systems in... Read more