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2.3.2018 BAİGDER visits Efectis Era Avrasya At Efectis, we attach great importance to fire safety in workplace environments and industrial facilities. In this respect, we continue to meet with NGOs and public authorities to... Read more
20.12.2017 Some words from the President 2017 has seen a revival of the construction market in Europe. In that respect Efectis has assisted and guided its customers in the assessment of new products or... Read more
20.12.2017 Agreement of Efectis in Kuwait: the beginning of promising cooperation Efectis is very pleased to announce that it’s French, Dutch and Turkish laboratories are now recognized by the authorities of Kuwait and, therefore, all construction products and systems... Read more
20.12.2017 Test: electrical outlet wall boxes according to NEN 6075 and based on EN 1634-3:2004 Recently Efectis Nederland has tested electrical outlet wall boxes from Attema Gorinchem the Netherlands. During the test the air permeability or ‘leakage rate’ of the product (expressed in... Read more
19.12.2017 Efectis now active in Maghreb Since 2 years now, Efectis has developed his presence in the North African countries through his agency located in Casablanca. Considering the similarity between the regulations of the... Read more
19.12.2017 A new ISO TC 92 (Fire Safety) Task Group dealing with "firefighters' safety and health" During the last ISO TC 92 (Fire Safety) meeting which was held in Santander (Spain) in October 2017, it has been decided to propose to change the title... Read more
19.12.2017 Phenix Project: 2018 is a year of renewal for the Efectis France laboratories Our clients’ satisfaction is Efectis’ first priority. Thus, in order to maintain a high level of our services, Efectis France started in 2016 the Phenix project with the... Read more
17.10.2017 Joint venture Efectis and Ulster University The recent Grenfell Tower tragedy in London and the revelation that five recently built schools in Leinster have failed fire safety audits brought into sharp relief the need... Read more
17.10.2017 Efectis Academy launches new website: As a government approved laboratory that has been active in the fire safety market for 40 years, Efectis has now decided to share its knowledge and experience by... Read more
17.10.2017 Formalising of partnership with Casavigilance In connection with the development of its activities in Africa and, more specifically, in Maghreb, Efectis signed a partnership agreement with the company Casavigilance at the end of... Read more
30.6.2017 French decree on warehouses and their fire safety: example of performance-based code The French decree on the conditions applicable to the use of warehouses has been revised. The decree of 11 April 2017 has been ratified and published. It applies... Read more
29.6.2017 Possible risk involving inclined glazed facades New fire-resistant glazing panels for façades have been introduced in recent years. In fact, manufacturers have started to move away from traditional single and double glazing systems to... Read more