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29.3.2016 Assessment of the smoke and heat exhaust mechanical or natural ventilation systems For more than ten years, fire safety engineering of smoke and heat exhaust (mechanical or natural) ventilation systems (SHEVS) has made it possible to validate, with numerical simulations of a real fire, innovative architectural concepts or specific arrangements for which the regulations cannot define standard technical provisions. Read more
29.3.2016 Efectis receives accreditation for ISO standards 10088 and 21487 IMCI, the International Marine and Certification Institute, has granted Efectis Nederland accreditation for performing fire tests on fuel system components for ‘small craft’ (boats) Read more
29.3.2016 VDE approves DIN 4102-12 standard testing at Efectis Following initial communication with local fire rated cable manufacturers in accordance with the DIN 4102-12 standard, Efectis Era Avrasya applied to VDE Prüf und Zertifizierungsinstitut GmbH (VDE) to become an approved test laboratory for fire resistance tests. Read more
19.11.2015 Efectis requested by building owners to support them in their new project area in industrial hazard zones Further to the vulnerability studies performed for French local authorities during the definition step of industrial risk prevention plans, Efectis has now been contacted by building owners to advise them on how to adapt their new projects (new buildings, extensions or reinforcements to an existing one). Read more
19.11.2015 Efectis conducts large-scale fire tests for a cable tunnel in Singapore In the autumn of 2015, Efectis conducted a number of large-scale fire suppression tests for a cable tunnel in Singapore. Read more
19.11.2015 Efectis checks fire characteristics of the civil engineering of the CEVA rail link In the context of the CEVA link (Cornavin – Eaux-Vives – Annemasse), a rail tunnel project designed to connect the Cornavin railway station in Geneva, Switzerland with the station in Annemasse, France, Efectis was mandated to perform advanced fire calculations on the main structures Read more
19.11.2015 Efectis performs fire tests on the central Wan Chai Bypass tunnel in Hong Kong On behalf of Nestaan and Hinrich International, Efectis has performed fire tests to determine the insulation capacity of a sprayed tunnel lining to be applied on the Central — Wan Chai Bypass (CWB) tunnel in Hong Kong, China. Read more
19.11.2015 Efectis participates in the implementation of updated safety facilities for the underground roads of the halles Following the major work carried out to improve safety Efectis, in collaboration with the main contractor, is in charge of updating the safety files for the underground roads of Les Halles in Paris. Read more
1.8.2015 The jet fire test The jet fire test according to standard ISO 22899-1:2007 requires an advanced facility and skills, which Efectis possesses amongst only a few laboratories in the world. Read more
12.6.2015 Efectis approvals in Middle East Efectis has the ambition to provide its customers with the maximum value for the tests and certification performed in our group. For this reason, we are proud to announce that above our approval by the United Arabian Emirates at the end of 2014, the Efectis Group has been approved in May 2015 by the Civil Defense of Doha, Qatar. Read more
16.2.2015 Personal protective equipment testing Efectis, in partnership with IFOPSE and ENVEHO, has recently assisted a French industrial company in assessing the efficiency and adequacy of the Personal Protective Clothing of a private rescue service in real fire situations. Read more