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23.9.2016 Certification in the Middle East Efectis is recognized as a fire laboratory and as a certification body for United Arabian Emirates and for Qatar. The control on project is recently reinforced by the... Read more
23.9.2016 On-site testing of tunnel structures Fire testing of the structural integrity of a tunnel is usually performed before the tunnel is constructed. If you want to know how an existing tunnel would behave... Read more
22.9.2016 Fire training news Almost three years ago Efectis developed a three-level course on Compartment Fire Behaviour Training: – Level 1: Observation and comprehension of the fire system – Level 2: Fire... Read more
20.9.2016 New test equipment Efectis in France has been accredited to perform tests to classify the fire performance of electric cables according to European methods (Euroclass), since 2014 and decided to extend... Read more
1.9.2016 Fire detection system in Den Haag central station The renovated central station in Den Haag (NL) was opened in early 2016. One of its striking features is the glass roof, incorporating a large number of smoke... Read more
31.5.2016 Carmothap - Numerical modelling of thermal conditions during fires in paleolithic caves Efectis is participating in the collaborative research project CarMoThaP (Characterization and Modelling of Thermal alterations and combustion residues on walls), which is supported by Aquitaine regional council and brings together 34 researchers from eleven partners. Read more
31.5.2016 Efectis involved in a European collaborative R&D project of transportation safety experts Terrorist attacks on public rail transport systems have increased significantly in recent years. Because of their strategic European dimension, their advanced technology and their economic consequences, the Franco-German high-speed rail systems represent, as flagships (and national symbols) of the rail-based European transport, attractive targets for potential terrorists. Read more
31.5.2016 Fire resistance of an interior wall in combination with a wall mounted sprinkler system The owner of a commercial building has been told that the interior walls of the building must have a demonstrable fire resistance of 120 minutes.This is not easy to achieve, as the walls are made of PUR-filled sandwich panels 80 mm thick and the total length is two km. Read more
29.3.2016 Fire safety in construction phase The construction phase, refurbishment and technical work are critical situations in terms of fire risk: melting operations, cutting, roof water-tightness, etc. In addition, all these operations may require disconnection of active systems, such as extinction, detection and alarm (if such systems are already installed). Read more
29.3.2016 Efectis to perform fire test for Revontuli Tunneli, Finland Efectis Nederland has won the tender issued by the Finnish Transport Agency (Liikennevirasto) to perform a spalling test on a large-scale concrete element for the Revontuli Tunneli in Rovaniemi, Finland. Read more
29.3.2016 Assessment of the smoke and heat exhaust mechanical or natural ventilation systems For more than ten years, fire safety engineering of smoke and heat exhaust (mechanical or natural) ventilation systems (SHEVS) has made it possible to validate, with numerical simulations of a real fire, innovative architectural concepts or specific arrangements for which the regulations cannot define standard technical provisions. Read more
29.3.2016 Efectis receives accreditation for ISO standards 10088 and 21487 IMCI, the International Marine and Certification Institute, has granted Efectis Nederland accreditation for performing fire tests on fuel system components for ‘small craft’ (boats) Read more